Zack Goehner is TETNA’s Volunteer of the Year

Zack Goehner, right, receives one of the signs he designed from Ryan Wallace, TETNA’s treasurer, at the 2019 Annual Meeting.

We have taken time at the past couple Annual Meetings to honor one deserving neighbor as our Volunteer of the Year. Our in-person Annual Meeting was canceled this year, we still are pleased to announce that our Volunteer of the Year is Zack Goehner, a graphics designer who contributed the design on our beautiful lamppost signs and has continued to share his skills and talents with the neighborhood.

Zack worked his design into a special edition TETNA T-shirt, which was offered as an add-on during our fall membership drive in a successful sale. He also has been reimagining our website, which is one of the TETNA board’s top priorities of the coming year. And he has agreed to serve on the board starting this year.

We can’t thank Zack enough for all his hard work and dedication to the neighborhood, and we hope to be able to present him with his Volunteer of the Year certificate at a future TETNA event when gathering in person becomes possible. Well done, Zack!