President’s Message

President's Message

Hunt-FrankHey, Tosa East Towne Residents!

Some of you may know where Roosevelt School is. Yeah, that one on 73rd and Wright. This fall, we held the first ever Roosevelt Fun Run as a fundraiser for the PTA. The kids got sponsors for each lap they could run and then, on October 1st, they ran.  And let me tell you, they ran!

When I went in to the lunchroom to explain the Fun Run to the kids and pep them up, I helped them out by doing some math. Five thousand dollars is a lot of money. It can be overwhelming. But I broke it down. I asked them if $10 was a lot of money. A resounding “No!” rang through the cafeteria. But there are almost 500 kids there, so we did the math. “What is $10 times 500?” Shouts of “5,000!” echoed.  So if each kid brought in only $10, we would raise $5,000!  The ooohs and ahhhhs dissolved into quiet contemplation as the students thought about how easy that could be. How doable!

Did you know that your Tosa East Towne membership funds add up as well? Each family membership is only $8. Eight dollars isn’t very much. But it adds up. It adds up to funding the Block Party, Movie Night, Holiday Cookie Exchange, and Spring Egg Hunt. Your contributions fuel the machine that is our neighborhood association. (more…)

President's Message: July 2009

Hello TETNA!

When you under take something like doing a half marathon, you have no idea what you are really getting into. You train. You plan. You buy a cute running outfit.

But it is not until you get there that it sinks in. You are part of something. Something big. You stand in your corral. You hear the National Anthem. I heard Mary Hulman-George say, “Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!” Someone sang, “Back Home Again In Indiana.” Then, the starting gun. You shuffle for 38 minutes to the starting line. And then you take off! (more…)

President's Message: May 2009

Hello TETNA!

Once there was a girl. She moved into a small bungalow in a city called Wauwatosa. She liked her house. She liked her block. She liked the park close by. She loved the walking community.

But she was lonely. How could she meet people? She knew there were other people who were also looking for a friend. But how could she find them? Where might they be? How to make contact? (more…)

October President's Message

Hello, TETNA!

A great big thanks go out to some of our very own TETNA people. Thank you to Heidi Hudson-Mairet for organizing the Rummage Sale in June. What a great turn-out!

Katherine Lazarski did a fabulous job on Family Fun Day. The kids were out in droves. The balloons were flying and piñatas popping. Families who attended saw lots of new games and some really cool crafts were added this year. A jazz guitarist and percussionist set the scene. Thanks, Katherine, for all that you did to make the day fun!