Trix or Treats: It’s Not Just for Kids

Adults and children alike love to dress up for Halloween!

The smell of the fire pits. The wail of a werewolf. The taste of hot apple cider. Who can resist night-time trick or treat in Tosa East Towne? When soup caldrons brew and beverages beckon, it’s no wonder adults slip into super hero costumes or put on their green face. Treats are aplenty even for us older “kids.”

If you haven’t done it before, this is the year to start. Nothing brings people closer than a crackling fire pit. Get in touch with your inner ghoul and wear something ghastly. Plant a few tombstones. Talk to your neighbors and make your block the one trick or treaters won’t miss!

To make Trick or Treat a booo-tiful experience:
  • Register for trick or treat. You must become a member of the Tosa East Towne Neighborhood Association and register for Trick or Treat to participate. It makes for a safe event and the more people who register to give out candy, the sweeter the experience for everyone. There is no fee this year, just a candy donation. The goal is to have plenty of candy to go around without having to buy extra.

Be a superhero in your neighborhood.
Join and volunteer for East Towne!

Scary fact: The Neighborhood Association will spend $800 on candy to make up for the families who trick or treat but do not register. Boo!

So click on this link to download a registration form. Then post on TETNA’s Facebook page so trick or treaters know who’s got the goodies! Visit the Trick or Treat page for more information.

Beware to those who don’t register. An eye of newt or wart of toad will not save you from the wrath of a tiny tot’s tantrum when you run out of candy!!

  • Volunteer to be a crossing guard.  It’s the perfect way to be part of the action especially if your house isn’t in the trick or treat area. TETNA will give you your own bag of candy to pass out. Costumed adults and teenagers welcome! Bwaaaaah!! Contact Wendy Swenson at [mailto][/mailto] and Jenny Farr at [mailto][/mailto] to volunteer or get more information.
  • Be part of the tradition. Be a member. Trick or Treat in Tosa’s East Towne would not exist without the Tosa East Towne Neighborhood Association. It’s important that families with trick or treaters register and become members of TETNA. Your $10 family membership ensures trick or treat remains a safe, fun and BIG event. It also enables you to participate in other great events like the adults-only TGIT at the Kneeland-Walker House in November.