Apply for 2016 Scholarship

For the past several years, the Tosa East Towne Neighborhood Association has funded a scholarship which is awarded to a neighborhood high school senior who is planning on furthering his or her education in applying for trade school, technical college, four-year college or university. The scholarship committee awards the scholarship to the applicant who best exemplifies the TETNA philosophy. See previous winners.


Required Application Materials

  1. Completed Application Form
  2. Two (2) letters of recommendation from teachers, employers, community, church leaders or others who can discuss your character and accomplishments
  3. On separate paper answer the following questions. Please number your answers to correspond to this application
    1. What extracurricular, community or volunteer activities did you participate in during high school? Please provide a list of these activities on the form provided.
    2. Please give a brief description of your duties/responsibilities of the three activities most important to you. Include the reason of its importance to you.
    3. The TETNA Scholarship is intended to recognize neighborhood high school seniors whose activities demonstrate support for the Association’s philosophy: To provide a welcoming and nurturing environment and to maintain the quality of life and sense of community through shared interests and neighborly interaction. Please describe in an essay how your participation in a community, church and/or other activities embodies the above philosophy.

Please return this completed application to Nicole Etter NO LATER THAN 3:30 P.M., ON SATURDAY, MARCH 5, 2016.

Please help grow Scholarship Fund

The scholarship is funded through the generous donations of our members, area businesses, and by concession sales at the annual Block Party & Movie Night. Click the Donate button below if you would like to give to the Scholarship Fund.