Fall 2013 Newsletter

The most recent newsletter has been published and distributed. If you have not received the Fall 2013 newsletter you can view a PDF or contact your area representative to see where you can get a copy:

Fall 2013 Newsletter

East Towne newsletters come out four times a year (February, May, July and October). If you or someone you know is not getting newsletters, please contact your area representative. If your area does not have an area rep or your block does not have a distributor, please consider volunteering. It is our goal to reach all homes in the Tosa East Towne Neighborhood Association. Contact Nancy Hall at [mailto][/mailto] if you wish to volunteer or need more information.

Take Action: East Towne Flooding

Budget & Finance Committee Meeting
Tuesday, March 13


If you feel the current over-burdened storm water pipes should be fixed to mitigate future overland flooding, please contact our aldermen immediately! This will be voted on Tuesday, March 13.

Please share this information with your neighbors as we need to spread the word quickly. (more…)

November Association Meeting

Monday, November 7 •  6:30 PM
Lutheran Home

TETNA meetings are open to everyone in the Tosa East Towne neighborhood. Please feel free to attend. We gather at 6:30 p.m. at the Lutheran Home, 7500 W. North Ave. If you have a topic or issue you would like to discuss, contact Sarah Hunt-Frank to be included on the agenda.

Click here to read the October association meeting minutes.


  1. Treasurers Report – Barbara Blaney
  2. Events
    • Review- Trick-or-Treat –Wendy Swenson, Jenny Farr
    • Review- Kneeland Walker House –November 3 – Tiger
    • Cookie Exchange, Dec 12 6pm – Dawn Zehren’s 2334 N. 64th
    • Annual Meeting will be Wed., March 7, regular meeting Mon., March 5
  3. Communications – Julie Terwelp
    Labor Coordinator needed – organize volunteers, etc.
  4. NAC Report, next date — Oct 26 – Tiger
  5. Discussion – Research a new place to hold the meetings – Jason
  6. Groups – Launch Wine-Tasting – Pick a date…Coordinator
  7. Next meeting – January 2, Lutheran Home