Staying Safe By Walking Smart

As the warm weather approaches, more students are walking to and from school, in the neighborhood after school, and the weekends. Wauwatosa Police Department School Resource Officers remind you to stay safe by walking smart. Please have a conversation with your children and reinforce these simple steps:

  • Walk with friends. There is strength in numbers.
  • Always let someone know where you are going and the route you plan on taking. If you are walking or biking alone, call your parent and let them know you’ve arrived safely.
  • Walk on sidewalks of main streets. There are more people to observe if you are having a problem, and are available to help you.
  • Walk with confidence. Keep your head up. Watch and observe people and activity occurring around you.
  • Don’t wear head-phones. They decrease your sense of hearing, and your accurate perception of your surroundings.
  • If someone is following you in a car, turn around and walk the other way.
  • Don’t wear clothing with your name on the outside, anyone can call you by name as if they know you. Don’t be fooled!
  • Trust your feelings. If someone makes you feel scared or uncomfortable, tell a trusted adult.
  • If someone approaches you in a threatening manner or threatens you, run away from them and yell for help. Go back into school if you are close, or to an adult or open business and report the incident immediately to the police by calling 911.
  • Fight back if there is no option of escape or if you are physically assaulted. Fight for your life, but not property. Your life is not worth your money bike,, cell phone, or I-pod.

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by Kimberly Jahnke Cole, TETNA contributor

Free Stuff in my CarIn recent weeks, there have been several complaints of suspicious activity in the TETNA neighborhood – unknown individuals looking in car windows and walking down driveways in search of unlocked vehicles and open garage doors.

“It has been brought to my attention by 3rd shift Officers that theft from vehicles is making a comeback in the City of Wauwatosa,” said Laura Laurishke, Community Support Division, Wauwatosa Police Department. “In almost all of the cases the cars were left unlocked with some desirable items inside including satellite radio receivers, laptops and GPS units.”

According to the police department, burglary is an upsetting crime for victims. The invasion of ‘safe’ areas, such as a home or vehicle, result in feelings of vulnerability

Fortunately, there are steps residents can take to reduce their odds of becoming a burglary victim. (more…)