President’s Message

TETNA needs neighbors like you to volunteer now for 2019… Here’s how.

The end of one year and beginning of another often is a time when we reassess life’s priorities and enjoy the excitement of taking up new opportunities while letting go of some of the old. Resolutions may be personal, but even the personal can be community-minded. I hope you have enjoyed some of the contributions that our TETNA board and volunteers have made to the neighborhood in recent years, and I ask that you give some thought to making your own contribution in 2019, not with your money but your time.

The nice thing is that volunteering with TETNA doesn’t require a lot of time, but a little time goes a long way in enhancing our neighborhood’s quality of life, from popular family events like our Spring Egg Hunt and adult events like Taste of East Tosa to special campaigns, like our drive to add Tosa East Towne signs on lampposts in the neighborhood. (Those beautiful signs have arrived, and we’re working with the city to install them.)

So here’s the hard sell: Much of this good news won’t keep happening without neighbors like you stepping up to make it happen, and right now we need more neighbors to get involved. Start by committing to just a year of support for your neighborhood association. You can email me at with your interests or questions, or join us at one of our upcoming meetings, which are held at 7 p.m. on the second Monday of each month at the Center Street Park pavilion. (The next is Jan. 14.)

One of the easiest ways is by joining our board, which meets to discuss upcoming events and ongoing issues in the neighborhood. It’s a great, no-hassle way to add your voice. No strings attached.

We also are looking for a new coordinator for our TETNA Nighttime Trick-or-Treat. If you’ve enjoyed that festive Saturday in October every year, then take on this fulfilling role for 2019 and help us keep it going for the future. We don’t want to lose such a popular event, so your time can make a big difference.

If you have a background in writing or publications, we could use your help producing our 12-page TETNA newsletter, which is distributed three times a year to homes around the neighborhood. This often is the first way new residents hear about the neighborhood association and provides timely reminders about upcoming events and other news.

Finally, Run Tosa Run is scheduled for May 18, and we now are forming this year’s race committee. If you are an avid runner or just a supporter of the event with an interest in contributing, we can use your help in one of a variety of planning roles. Some may require just a bit of your time in the week or two before the race, or join us in the earlier planning stages as we take a big-picture look at the future of the race, which has raised thousands of dollars for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

And the best part about volunteering is you don’t have to do it alone. Take on a new role with a friend or your family. Along the way, you will have the support of fellow neighbors who love East Tosa like you and want it to continue to thrive. Join us today.

David Paulsen
Board President
Tosa East Towne Neighborhood Association

October President's Letter

Hunt-FrankHello, Tosa East Towners!

It is so good to be back in the swing of the school year! As a theater professional, my season runs with the school year, so it is all starting up at the same time! Exciting stuff!
In the May newsletter, I challenged you to try something new. I would love to hear what kinds of things you came up with. What did you try this summer that was new? Let me know on the facebook page!

As I told you back in May, I was going to try some new things, too.   I tried my hand at a Victory Garden using the Square-Foot Gardening system.  I learned a lot. I made notes for adjustments for next year. But I got a lot of zucchinis, kohlrabi, radishes and other delicious veggies out of it. I even made a pico de gallo — made completely of items from my garden: tomato, onion, cucumber, cilantro, peppers and jalapeno! That made my husband happy!

I also tried a kayak for the first time in my life. — I think I have found my new calling! — In the kayak, I sat in the water like a duck. The paddling was easy and I sped across the lake like I was meant to do such a thing all of my life. If I could get paid for kayaking, I would quit my job and do it all the time… Of course now I have to convince my husband that I can’t live without one and need one of my own…

I also tried a “peel cherry” this summer. It is a small fruit that comes from Columbia.  I had challenged the kids at Vacation Bible School to try some new foods (because I was tired of hearing, “I don’t like that” when they had never even tasted it.) If they tasted it —even if they didn’t like it— I would give them a knuckle bump. I had to go around the room bumping my knuckles to theirs. Then, when the peel cherry came out, they all intently watched me eat it and then gave ME a knuckle bump!

Whatever your summer was like, I hope it was enjoyable, pleasant, adventurous and fun! Looking forward to shoveling snow with you soon! Not!

Sarah Hunt-Frank, TETNA President

July President's Letter

Hunt-FrankNow I can say I have tried my hand at being an Area Rep AND a newsletter distributor! Some of you may know that our Area 6 Rep has moved out of the neighborhood, and until we find a replacement for her, I am covering her area. We also have a vacant distributor spot on the 2600 block of North 63rd, and I did that too.

So I got to play “Sally Sorter”, and contact my distributors, grab a box of newsletters from the Newsletter Chair, count them out into bags and leave them on my front porch in a Rubbermaid tub. Then I sent an email. (Easy peasy!) I also got to play “Tina Tosa” and drop the newsletters in people’s doors on one of our blocks. (Piece a cake!)

If you are okay picking up a box to take home, counting out some flyers and sending out an email, you may be a great candidate for the new Area Rep—or if you are interested in having a walk around a block four times a year—for that distributor for the 2600 block of 63rd St.

Around here, we like to share the jobs, spread the duties around, and give lots of opportunity, so everyone who wants to gets a chance to be involved.

So, let me know. Send me an email. Drop me a line. Give me a call. I promise you will be able to hear the smile!

“One person volunteering is good. But a bunch of people volunteering—is a force to be reckoned with!”

Sarah Hunt-Frank, TETNA President

May President's Letter

Hunt-FrankAh, Spring! That wonderful time of year when the plants awaken, the birds return and the people crawl out of the winter-cramped indoors! Yawn. Stretch. Shake off the winter.

Try something new. I am going to try my hand at square-foot gardening, a space-saving gardening technique that could work wonders in our tiny East Tosa yards.

I have some new tips for your summer fun. Among them that Hoyt Pool is opening this Memorial weekend! Family Passes can be purchased by googling Friends Of Hoyt Pool. I’ve got mine! Now I just need a swimsuit that makes me look like Angelina Jolie…

Here’s a new idea I saw last summer in Michigan. Clear bags of water hung to keep bees and flies away from your picnic area. I guess the light-bending effect of the bulging plastic confuses their compound eyes. I don’t know. Try it and let me know how it works for you!

Summer time reminds me of my Grandma who used to walk around the yard in the early morning looking at the posies, admiring the growth, looking for which one would bloom next. She would say she had been out “surveying the estate.” (She also called having lemonade on the patio “refreshments on the veranda”!) I am SO looking forward to my garden and my flowers this year.

You may see me wandering around my house and wonder “what is that crazy lady doing?” Now you know, (Ahem) I am surveying the estate!

See you in my front yard, and feel free to join me—surveying the estate!

Sarah Hunt-Frank, TETNA President

February President's Letter

Hunt-FrankYou may see some changes in your neighborhood association this year. Our events may be restructured somewhat from the years past. Some things are going to change. You may wonder why.  So I will tell you.


Yes, that unpleasant, but necessary thing.

As some of you may know, a Wauwatosa neighborhood association is being sued because a visiting girl fell and broke her arm at one of their events. The girl’s family is suing the neighborhood association board because of this. Yes, the board.  The individuals. The president who volunteers her time. The vice president who organizes trick-or-treat. The treasurer who tries to scrounge the funds so they can have a neighborhood picnic. The secretary who has to bring her children to play quietly on the floor so she can record the meeting minutes. Yeah. Those people. Every day people like us.

This terrible occurrence has all of the Tosa neighborhood associations asking if they have the coverage they need. “What if this happens, are we covered?” “What if that happens?” “What if people (fill in the blank), —are we covered?”

And yes, Tosa East Towne is also asking these questions, too. We are finding out exactly what our insurance covers. What does it cover? Who does it cover?  When does it cover? Where does it cover?

Here are the answers:

  • We are covered for residents of the neighborhood, for events within the borders of our neighborhood, who are members of our association, and for non-members on the premise that we are recruiting them for membership.
  • People from outside our neighborhood are not covered. People who actively choose not to be members are not covered. People who join in our event without registering are not covered.

We are sorry if this causes any problems. We are sorry if this changes how you plan your trick-or-treat. And we are sorry that our society has come to this, that we have to restrain, re-think and re-examine in order to serve you as your board —and not lose our houses in the process!

Please try to understand, that we as a board still strive to provide the neighborhood with fun, community-building events that bring neighbors together with common interests. We love this neighborhood! And we know you do too!

Sarah Hunt-Frank, TETNA President

NOTE: Tosa East Towne is NOT the neighborhood being sued. We are all good and fine and have our liability insurance in place. Thank you for all of your concern and caring, terrific TETNA neighbors!